Investor Turns Entrepreneur to Help Peers Improve Trading Strategies

With all the available software and tracking technology on the market, founder Michael Murphy discovered that turning back to pen and paper made him more reflective and make better decisions for his trading objectives and thus was born The Avid Investor Journal.

The Avid Investor Journal

Michael Murphy, an individual investor, has created a new planner to help other investors track their personal goals and trades on a day to day basis. The planner is being launched under the name The Avid Investor Planner with the goal to help investors make more informed and well-rounded decisions through thorough record keeping.

Murphy says, “The Avid Investor Planner is not a magic solution to save you from losing money in the markets, but it is a system that will help you raise your batting average as you navigate the markets.”

He came up with the idea for the planner after a string of losing trades. In an effort to avoid such trades in the future he looked for a more organized way to keep track of when he was getting into and out of the market. In addition, he wanted to keep an account of his decision-making process which included both market analytics as well as his own emotions regarding the trades. He had noticed various patterns in the past and wanted to be able to keep this information in one place that was easy to access and analyze.

With all the available software and tracking technology on the market, he found that turning back to pen and paper made him more reflective and made better decisions. Murphy is a graphic designer by trade. He decided to use his design skills to create an easy to use a layout that would encompass everything that he wanted to log and keep track of in one simple place.

“The journal is simple to use and increases your overall awareness of why you are making your decisions. It has led to me to consistently make better and better decisions,” says Murphy, “One of the best things about this journal is the discipline that keeps me on track with my goals.” The journal is designed to fit easily in your pocket, so you can keep track of your notes on the go and quickly look back and be reminded of your goals.

The Avid Investor Journal is available at and For more information on the journal and its creator Michael Murphy visit

Source: The Avid Investor

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