Investor Management Services Sets Multiple Growth Records in the Second Quarter

Investor Management Services delivers record performance in new customers added, revenue, on-boarding, and distribution processing as well as opens office in Research Triangle Park, NC.

Investor Management Services (IMS), the leader in web-based investor management software for private equity real estate sponsors, announced today record year over year growth of 371% in the second quarter. This explosive growth is the result of increased demand and market adoption of software solutions for private equity real estate to improve their investor relations while streamlining their entire business operations.

IMS continued to expand its customer base in the second quarter of 2017 in both the number of new customers and revenue. More than 150 customers depend on IMS to enable their business to raise capital, serve their investors, and more profitably manage their scaling businesses.

In addition to growing revenue and number of customers, IMS set records in the number of customers on-boarded and the speed of on-boarding. New records were also set for the number and amount of waterfall distributions processed through the platform.

The development team rolled out many significant new features including an enhanced investor portal experience all while scaling our cloud infrastructure to deliver a secure and reliable platform.

“IMS has built a web-based platform that enables our customers to improve their investor relations while drastically shortening the time to raise new capital. Additionally, the IMS Platform enables customers to run all of their waterfall distributions in the platform, saving customers upwards of 90% of the time to calculate their distributions,” said Chris Atkinson, CEO of IMS. “Investors are starting to demand always available information and commercial real estate firms are increasingly adopting technologies to grow their business. As such, IMS has emerged as the leader and the only provider of a complete solution for investor management.”

To meet increased market demand as well as expand support for its growing customer base, IMS opened an office in the Research Triangle Park area. This office will enable IMS to continue to hire the best talent with both commercial real estate and technology expertise.

About Investor Management Services:

Serving private equity real estate sponsors, Investor Management Services (IMS) is the leader in the investment management software space providing the only all-in-one platform. We enable our customers to better serve their investors while improving the efficiency of their firm. The IMS Platform includes an Investor Dashboard, Document Management and Sharing, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Waterfall Distribution Processing, and Analytics.

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Source: Investor Management Services, LLC