Investment Firm Ourinterest Launches Venture to Solve Climate Change… Profitably

Know the origins of any product and whether it has been produced ethically or with environmental standards in mind

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​​​​​​​Sustainability has become a global concern with conspicuously negative consequences. Data for 2017 revealed that on August 2nd, the global population used more resources from nature than our planet can renew in the whole year. This troubling trend, exacerbated by a growing population, looks set to pose a significant challenge for the future of the planet and its natural resources.

A lack of transparency has also filled consumers with increasing apprehension. One need not look too far in the past to see the importance of supply chain transparency. Recent global product recalls such as Brazilian beef, or more recently eggs from Denmark, underscore the potential economic and health consequences posed by opaque manufacturer supply chains.

One investment firm, OurInterest Caribbean Inc,  has conceptualized innovative steps to tackle both of these problems:

The world has no shortage of eco-friendly and transformative ideas but they all need your support. We will create an ecosystem, powered by our cryptocurrency called OurCoin Classic. This ecosystem will enable the general public  to engage, fund and support environmentally friendly companies. We then leverage our investment expertise to fully scrutinize companies before the funding process begins. Each Coinholder, via a transparent voting model, may participate in deciding which companies are funded and how the subsequent rewards are distributed. This ensures that ground-breaking projects receive funding, an enthusiastic audience and potential consumer pool.

Secondly, many existing transparency standards have been the result of haggling by well funded lobbying groups. We propose to develop a set of ethical and environmentally progressive standards, presented to consumers as an easy to understand rating.This will empower consumers to vote with their feet and support the companies that truly walk the walk they talk. Importantly, it also provides an important differentiator for pioneering organizations.  As adoption grows, consumer behavior will pressure corporations to more actively reduce the opacity of their manufacturing processes, leading to more sustainable economic decisions.

The company seeks to achieve the first  step of its vision via a crowdfunding campaign for OurCoin Classic on the international Waves platform in August.

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Ryan Harewood​
​Head of Communications
OurInterest Caribbean Inc

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