InventorOne, Inc. Discovers a New Source of Energy That Makes Fossil Fuels Obsolete

InventorOne, Inc. has innovated an invention that can extract energy from permanent magnets. It also discovered that there is significant amounts of intrinsic energy stored in permanent magnets. The Static Field Converter, our invention's name, extracts that energy and competes favorably in cost to conventional electric power generation. It makes fossil fuels obsolete.

InventorOne, Inc., a small business located in Granville, NY, has discovered that there are large amounts of intrinsic energy stored in certain types of permanent magnets.  Our innovation makes the extraction of that energy practical and cost effective. The Static Field Converter, the name of the company invention (patent number 7,983,726 B2), extracts that energy and converts it to electric power.  The amount of stored energy contained in certain types of permanent magnets and the ease of obtaining it make permanent magnets useful as a large and long lasting source of stored energy. The cost of extracting and converting the intrinsic stored energy in permanent magnets to electric power, using the Static Field Converter, is orders of magnitude less expensive than the cost of the acquisition and conversion of energy necessary for conventional power generation. 

Electricity can electrolyze water into its constituent elements hydrogen and oxygen. The Static Field Converter can make this process economically viable. Hydrogen can replace fossil fuels, without pollution, in most combustion environments. It can power fuel cells which can be used to power electric vehicles. Portable, inexpensive electric power can be used by the power industry for distributed generation. Distributed generation is on site electric power generation used to mitigate power grid overuse during peak periods. It can be scaled up for primary electric generation and is useful in 3rd world nations that don’t have an infrastructure to support widespread electrical distribution.  The invention can also give our military a considerable strategic advantage. It can help end the  destruction of the environment and it can help repair it.

The Static Field Converter is independent of additional fuel sources and equipment. It makes fossil fuels obsolete. 

An Internet site with a video of a working prototype and a site to enable funding support is  Visit YouTube as well to see the video.

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