Inventor Seeks to Resurrect Pioneer Technology Through Kickstarter

Largest 3D printed prototype to be featured on crowd funding platform after a year of design and over 40 days of 3D printing.

Polymule Handcart

From weekend warriors seeking to camp with young children, to camera crews hauling heavy equipment into remote areas ... the Polymule Handcart seeks to tap into the universal human need to haul materials, goods, and gear by foot. Rated for over 300 pounds of cargo, the handcart will be marketed for expeditions, fishing and hunting, general labor and material hauling, emergency preparedness, humanitarian aid, and military applications.

"Originally, I just wanted the ability to take my stuff and my young family away on foot," explains the inventor. "I tried to get my hands on a pioneer handcart and even a beefed-up garden cart, but found they were either cost prohibitive, or didn't provide the ground clearance, ergonomics, or features I wanted."

...I just wanted the ability to take my stuff and my young family away on foot.

Dennis Draleau


Though the production version will be roto-molded from high-impact thermoplastic, the prototype handcart was the result of over 980 hours of 3D printing and a year of design research and engineering. "Among other things, I designed it to be durable, tool-less, and completely stow-able," the inventor explains. Other features include no-flat wheels with precision ball bearings, an integrated kickstand mechanism which makes loading and unloading easier, and optional packages such as an all-weather cover and ATV attachment kit. 

The crowd funding campaign will begin July 26, 2017 and run for 30 days in the hopes of reaching its funding goal of $250,000. Of note, it will be the largest 3D printed prototype ever featured on Kickstarter. Interested parties can find more information at or by watching a video of the handcart by searching "polymule" on YouTube. 

The Polymule Handcart was founded, designed, engineered, and tested in Grangeville, Idaho, USA.​

Source: Polymule Inc.


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Located in Idaho, we are small group of people working hard to bring the Polymule Handcart to life. Join us on July 26th for our Kickstarter Campaign!

Dennis Draleau
Dennis Draleau
Founder / Inventor, Polymule, Inc
Polymule, Inc
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