Introducing: YGB Collective, Young, Gifted, and Black

Delivering Black-owned to your home!

YGB Co-founders

YGB Collective is a bi-monthly membership that delivers a curated box of elevated essentials from luxury Black artisans. The #YGBCommunity brings people from different backgrounds together to highlight Black luxury. Pre-sales of the inaugural box launch September 15.

YGB partners with 20-30 emerging Black-owned brands each year to grow their businesses by targeting conscious consumers. The #YGBCommunity is made up of socially aware consumers who aren’t afraid to stand out in a crowd. They are global citizens who are passionate about the products they acquire.

Co-founders, Danielle JS Gordon and Danielle Thompson are creatives, curators and artists. They are first-generation Americans of successful Jamaican-immigrant parents. As Black women, they are dedicated to circulating dollars within the Black artisan community. 

Danielle G. is a designer and artist who lost her New York City dance contract in March at the beginning of the pandemic. “I was at the height of my career prior to the pandemic, performing for Misty Copeland, Alex Wong and other prominent figures in the dance industry. YGB Collective is my silver lining amidst all the uncertainty within the arts community!” Danielle T. is a beauty blogger, entrepreneur, and mother who uses her platform to highlight Black-owned brands. YGB Collective is the passion project of lifelong friends to unite their community with their culture. 

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