Introducing V Morphing Maker: App That Turns Illustration Into Motion-Tracking Facial Avatar

Moi Corporation launched a brand-new app, V Morphing Maker, which turns a single facial illustration into a face-tracking avatar. The app is available on Android, followed by an iOS version.

Load the illustration into the app and it creates a pseudo-3D-model that syncs with facial expressions and movements. The avatar can be integrated into a streaming platform TwitCasting, to stream with an avatar that tracks streamers' facial expressions for more genuine communication with audiences.

The app can also generate short animation videos with facial tracking to share the avatar on other social media. To see how it works, install from the Google Play store.

Moi Corporation, headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, is the fast-growing startup company responsible for TwitCasting, one of the largest live-streaming communities in Japan. Its service has grown to more than 30 million registered users and is still growing mainly through word-of-mouth communication. Learn more at the Corporate page.

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About Moi Corporation

Moi Corporation is the fast growing startup company responsible for TwitCasting, the largest live streaming community in Japan. Its service has grown to more than 24 million registered users and still been growing through word-of-mouth communication.

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