Introducing TRACY - ProcessGold's Intelligent, New Visualization Algorithm

TRACY visualization algorithm

ProcessGold is pleased to announce the release of its new, intelligent visualization algorithm, TRACY. TRACY visualizes process graphs intuitively, ensuring users always have a clear overview of the process in question.

Seeing a need for improvement in the usability of process graphs, TRACY was developed by ProcessGold, in cooperation with the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e), and is pending patent approval.

The TRACY algorithm replaces the traditional DOT algorithm, which often encounters problems with processes that cross systems and team lines, with many handoff points. Although DOT graphs appear simple, their main drawback is their inability to show an accurate and straightforward overview of complex processes and step-by-step process changes. 

TRACY offers uncluttered visualization and improved user experience, allowing users to interpret complex datasets and draw more meaningful conclusions. Using the dynamic animated feature, users gain better insight into progressive changes to process models.

“We’re excited to present our innovation to the process mining industry and believe it will add tremendous value to our users who crave a better user experience, without sacrificing on performance,” stated Roel Vliegen, co-CEO at ProcessGold. “TRACY is 13 times faster than DOT and performs even better with large data sets, an important feature we worked hard on prioritizing.”

To learn more about TRACY or request a demo, please contact our team

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ProcessGold is a world-leading vendor of Process Mining enterprise software for business process management and optimization. The most comprehensive software in the market, ProcessGold uses data mining and visualization to provide extensive visibility and understanding of business operations. Headquartered in Eindhoven, the high-tech capital of the Netherlands and birthplace of Process Mining, ProcessGold works with partners around the globe with their business transformation, diagnosing key risks and identifying opportunities to advance business performance.

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