Introducing the Parenting Team - Here to Help with Child Rearing and Overcoming Parenting Challenges

Announcing the launch of an exciting new venture aimed at assisting parents struggling with parenting challenges. Co-founded by two licensed mental health professionals with more than 35 years combined experience, The Parenting Team provides an easy, convenient way for parents to get professional help from the comfort of their computer or mobile device.

Co Founders of the Parenting Team

Introducing The Parenting Team, an exciting and innovative form of online parental guidance and assistance for parents who are in need of professional know how, but can’t access or afford traditional sources. Co-founded in 2015, by two licensed mental health professionals, Michele H Martin and Melissa Harrison, with over 35 years of combined experience in both the educational and therapeutic setting, The Parenting Team is a unique platform for parents to gain the parenting help and guidance of trained professionals.

The idea behind The Parenting Team was born to both Melissa, (a Licensed Clinical Psychologist) and Michele, (a licensed Mental Health Counselor) after working with families in South Florida, and realizing that not all situations require conventional long term therapy, or even a trip to the pediatrician.  The Parenting Team is also not just for parents, but for school teachers, babysitters, daycare workers, grandparents and the like.  Anyone who has questions or concerns regarding a child could benefit from this service. 

"Consider The Parenting Team as your Dear Abby of sorts for parents. This is NOT counseling! When you need answers to specific questions regarding your children or parenting in general, you can now find them as easy as a click away."

Michele H Martin, Co Founder "The Parenting Team"

By embracing the incredible accessibility of online technology is most exciting and novel in the world of parenting. Making the decision to incorporate this online assistance instantly eliminates the tedious and often costly cycle of going through weeks of waiting for a psychotherapist to get to know a child and family before being able to provide recommendations to the issues a family may be experiencing.  Questions can be as simple or as complex as the situation on hand.

The Parenting Team does not provide counseling or diagnosis and does not dismiss conventional counseling and psychological help. Instead, it relies on a team effort between utilizing the parents’ knowledge of their children and the professionals’ parenting expertise.  They offer unique discussions and practical ways to assist in your parenting challenges. With our parenting resources on hand, The Parenting Team answers YOUR specific question with an individualized, personalized answer just for you!  

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About The Parenting Team

"The Parenting Team" was co-founded by Michele Martin and Melissa Harrison in 2015, two licensed mental health professionals with over 35 years of combined experience in both the educational and therapeutic setting.

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