Introducing the ONI Training Kit (TM) dSTORM

A leap into simplifying Super-Resolution Microscopy

ONI Training Kit™ dSTORM

ONI, a pioneer in super-resolution imaging solutions, is thrilled to unveil its latest innovation, the ONI dSTORM Training Kit. This new product is designed to provide a simple workflow for new and existing users to master dSTORM super-resolution microscopy.

The ONI dSTORM Training Kit takes users through the incredible journey of obtaining a single-molecule image using dSTORM microscopy: from sample preparation, to image acquisition, and analysis using ONI reagents, the Nanoimager microscope and software tools. The kit has been meticulously built to provide a fast, intuitive and user-friendly platform that enables researchers to delve into the intricate world of super-resolution microscopy. 

What sets the ONI dSTORM Training Kit apart is its comprehensive approach to learning. The kit comprises a carefully selected range of components, including two stepwise video guides, which empower users to understand dSTORM super-resolution and learn how to navigate this imaging technique without having to worry about sample preparation. With a focus on simplicity, the kit guides users through every step of the imaging journey, ensuring a seamless experience for those new or less acquainted with the technique to feel empowered in optimizing their imaging setting ahead of experimenting with their own samples.

Each dSTORM Training Kit contains a sample slide with mammalian cells grown on an imaging coverslip, affixed to a bespoke microscope slide thoughtfully designed to facilitate the smooth flow of reagents. A few additional reagents are provided to stain, fix and prepare the cells nuclear pores for super-resolution imaging. The learning process is enhanced through the materials provided (stepwise protocol and two training videos) that guide users through the imaging technique's capabilities and ways of optimizing to obtain the best possible dSTORM image.

At the heart of the ONI dSTORM Training Kit lies the power of ONI's cutting-edge imaging technology, with the Nanoimager and its software tools, particularly ONI's cloud-based CODI platform. The ONI software platforms synergize seamlessly with the kit, equipping users with the real-time tools they need to capture, process, and analyze data with precision and efficiency. 

Commenting on the launch, James Rhodes, Product Manager at ONI, said, "The ONI dSTORM Training Kit represents a significant leap forward in our commitment to democratizing super-resolution imaging technologies. We believe that by offering a simplified yet comprehensive learning experience, we are empowering scientists and researchers to push the boundaries of discovery."

The ONI dSTORM Training Kit is now available for order. 
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Source: ONI Inc.

About ONI

Founded in 2016, ONI is now a leading and rapidly growing biotech redefining the boundaries of scientific discovery with super-resolution microscopy.

The Nanoimager, ONI’s flagship product, is the world’s first desktop super-resolution microscope, capable of visualizing, tracking and imaging individual molecules in living cells with 20nm resolution.

Each team at ONI – from scientists to software engineers to sales teams – wants to create and provide innovative technologies that will empower researchers and users alike. We want to accelerate human discovery and fight disease and in doing so drive super-resolution microscopy to novel frontiers.


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