Introducing the ONI Discovery Kit (TM): dSTORM in Cells

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Discovery Kit™: dSTORM in cells

ONI is excited to introduce its latest breakthrough in super-resolution imaging solutions: the ONI Discovery Kit™ for dSTORM imaging in cells, which helps users prepare their own samples for dSTORM super-resolution microscopy with ease. Sample preparation is a critical aspect of super-resolution microscopy, and the dSTORM Discovery Kit simplifies this process by providing researchers with ONI's optimized reagents and protocols, with a kit offering a modular workflow for immunofluorescent labeling in cultured cells. This saves valuable time and offers a streamlined approach for obtaining robust super-resolution, allowing researchers to confidently detect both extra and intracellular proteins simultaneously, and achieve an exceptional 20 nm resolution and high sensitivity in their own samples.

The ONI Discovery Kit™ empowers researchers with a range of capabilities to enhance their super-resolution imaging experience. With this kit, you can easily label your targets of interest using your own primary antibodies and take advantage of highly specific anti-mouse, rabbit, and rat secondary antibodies conjugated with best-in-class dSTORM fluorophores. The kit streamlines essential sample preparation steps, including fixation, ensuring your ability to confidently detect protein targets with high sensitivity, even those expressed at low levels in cells. The fluorophore combination allows you to perform 2-color super-resolution dSTORM imaging across a range of cell types, and utilize ONI’s Nanoimager super-resolution microscope for optimal image acquisition. Additionally, you can harness the power of ONI's CODI software platform for cluster-based data analysis, enabling the extraction of novel nanoscale cellular insights.

The dSTORM Discovery Kit offers two distinct versions: the standard dSTORM Discovery Kit and the Discovery Kit with Strong Fixative. The first one is particularly recommended for researchers investigating intracellular non-membrane proteins, while the Discovery Kit with Strong Fixative addresses the challenge of cross-linking membrane proteins effectively, ensuring confident measurement of membrane protein clustering. Importantly, it also recognizes that optimization may be needed for some targets, providing both fixatives and enabling researchers to compare the most suitable fixative for their specific protein of interest. Both kit versions have been tested on a range of cell types including human cancer cell lines, primary neurons, T cells, and mouse cell lines, as well as a range of targets - from intracellular organelles, structural proteins and surface receptors, including those at low expression. This is the ideal kit to use dSTORM in a range of applications and biological questions in cells.

Commenting on the launch, Grace DeSantis, Vice President of Research & Development at ONI, said, "Our ONI Discovery Kit™ represents a leap forward in super-resolution imaging, offering researchers unprecedented precision and versatility for studying cellular structures and proteins with ease. Stay tuned for additional innovations ahead!"

The ONI Discovery Kit™ for dSTORM imaging in cells is now available for order. 
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Source: ONI Inc.

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