Introducing The Bin Doctor: Here to Help Protect Residents From Harmful Bacteria

Announcing the arrival of The Bin Doctor — a new trash bin sanitization service, which launched in April. The Bin Doctor is a local, family-run business that supplies the residents of Parkland and Coral Springs with a 100% eco-friendly sanitization and disinfectant service aimed at protecting residents from harmful bacteria build-up found in waste bins.

The Bin Doctor

Introducing The Bin Doctor, a new service started in April 2017 aimed at protecting residents in the area from harmful bacteria commonly found in garbage bins. As a local family-run, trash and recycling bin sanitation service, The Bin Doctor aims to provide a 100% eco-friendly sanitization and disinfectant to residents of Coral Springs and Parkland.

At present, there are over 400 known bacteria found in a single square inch of a waste bin. More hazardous bacteria that can be found in the bins include E-Coli, Listeria, and Salmonella. By utilizing water at an ultra-high pressure and temperature of 200°, more than 99% of bacteria and even mold can be killed in less than a minute.  It is important to disinfect and deodorize bins to ensure that unwanted vermin such as insects and rodents steer clear of the homeowner's bin. 

"At The Bin Doctor, we are committed to help protect families, homes, communities and the environment."

Sprio Edgos, Founder of The Bin Doctor

The process is 100% environmentally friendly and makes use of biodegradable products. However, The Bin Doctor ensures that no one is exposed to any form of harmful chemicals during the treatment process. The self-contained cleaning unit collects all waste water, to avoid the contamination of local storm drains, and deposits the waste water at a local treatment facility. Here, the waste water is treated and recycled. The process uses approximately 75% less water than a manual cleaning and can guarantee the removal of 99.9% of bacteria.

As it is a residential curbside cleaning service, it follows the normal trash collection pick-up service. The homeowner will not have to do anything, but he or she will receive a text to indicate that The Bin Doctor will be cleaning their bins the following day.

A monthly service is recommended to ensure that low levels of bacteria are maintained, but there are various service packages available, dependent on your needs. Environmentally friendly bin cleaning won’t cost an arm and a leg. Try out their service today and receive 20% off for the first three months.

The Bin Doctor will be having a ribbon-cutting event with the city of Coral Springs at the Regional Chamber of Commerce office at Heron Bay on June 8th from 5 to 6 p.m. Come through to celebrate the opening of this exciting new business.

Source: The Bin Doctor


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