Introducing TableDrop: The New Approach to Table Service & Order Management for Bars & Restaurants

The TableDrop app allows customers to order from their table, helping establishments maintain social distancing guidelines.

TableDrop is pleased to announce the launch of its new app that provides solutions for table service and order management for any bar or restaurant. Users’ locations are utilized to automatically load in the menu for the TableDrop venue they are in. Any bar, restaurant or cafe can sign up and enable table service at their venue.

The app is particularly helpful in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic because it helps maintain social distancing between customers. Available on any mobile device globally, TableDrop is easy to set up and easy to use. Customers simply open the app, select their table number along with the items for their order and send it to the TableDrop app on the establishment’s smartphone or tablet.

TableDrop founder and CEO John Bennett says there’s been a huge amount of interest from pubs, bars and restaurants since the app was first announced.

“Right now TableDrop offers an invaluable tool in helping to keep staff and customers safe,” says Bennett. “And after the pandemic is over, it’s still a great timesaver, offers key efficiency benefits to the establishments, and a great way for customers to order their food or drink.”

The software provides the venue owner or manager the ability to add their menu items and input their tables. The app dashboard shows useful statistics regarding customers’ orders and the times orders were placed and delivered to the table.

“Customers like the app because it’s quick and easy to use, and they don’t have to wait for a server,” Bennett adds. “And the kitchen and bar staff like it because they receive the order as soon as it’s placed, meaning that they can process the order that much more efficiently. It’s a win-win!”

For more information, visit the TableDrop website at A 14-day free trial is currently available.

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John Bennett, Founder and CEO

Source: TableDrop LTD