Introducing Spoggo, a Unique Spontaneous Social Appointment App for iOS and Android

TRM LLC has announced the release of Spoggo, a unique social appointment app for iOS and Android Platforms.

Spoggo enables users to set up spontaneous events with friends and family, encouraging unique and engaging experiences for everyone that uses it. Users select their friends, family, or contacts, pick an activity (or let Spoggo pick an activity), and set a time range that is convenient for them. Spoggo will then trigger at a random time within the set time range urging the user to stop what they are doing and participate in the activity.

Building upon apps like Facebook, Foursquare, and Meetup, Spoggo is the first social app that truly promotes being social. Spoggo appointments are random, fun, and promote connecting with friends and family in spontaneous ways. Everything about Spoggo has been designed with ease of use in mind, including the gorgeous user interface which features bold colors and modern flat design.

Michael McCoy, the creator of Spoggo had this to say about the app: “I’ve planned a lot of dates, meetings, and trips over the years but the fondest memories came from those spontaneous, last-minute trips with friends and family.  We’re hoping to bring that feeling of spontaneous excitement to our users more often.”

Spoggo Features

•  Spontaneous random appointment alerts

•  Easily invite friends and family

•  Spoggo Now suggested activities when you want to do something now

•  Beautifully designed user interface

•  Facebook integration

Pricing and Availability

Now available for free download on the Appstore and Google Play.  Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and Android phones.

About Mobile TRM LLC

TRM, based out of Charleston, SC, was founded with the mission of bringing truly innovative products to market.  With a variety of unique and innovative apps in the pipeline, TRM is committed to bringing the highest quality digital experiences to iOS and Android.


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TRM, based out of Charleston, SC, was founded with the mission of bringing truly innovative products to market.

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