Introducing Renovation Gap - HGTV's New Renovation Show With a Dynamic Duo

Don't turn off the TV just yet, HGTV is announcing the launch of Renovation Gap - an exciting new show starring Paige Poupart and Doug Broadbent. This dynamic father-daughter team, are here to bring a little east-coast sparkle and extra sunshine to The Lone Star State. The dynamic duo are here to take homes in need of some major TLC to the next level by turning them into beautiful dream homes.

Renovation Gap

Dallas, Texas, July 21, 2017 – HGTV’s dynamic new television series will be hitting your screens this Saturday at 2 p.m. ET. Renovation Gap revolves around the dynamic father and daughter duo, Doug Broadbent and Paige Poupart as together they bring a little east coast magic to the ever so sunny Lone Star State. The duo is willing to tackle any house in need of a TLC boost and turn chopped-up, jumbled houses into gorgeous homes. Doug is a master craftsman that has more than 30 years experience in the business and Paige learned from the best. As a designer, contractor, and a realtor Paige is by no means unskilled. What happens when you mix old-school mastery with cutting-edge vision? You get a Renovation Gap.

Dough Broadbent grew up on the family farm in Eastern Massachusetts. Raised building barns, coops, and fences, his skill was later honed during high school summer breaks, as an apprentice to Master Craftsman Domanick Falconeri. Working one on one with Domanick Falconeri for four years ensured that Doug was able to not only read and create architectural plans but that he was given the desire to create a business filled with down to earth integrity and character.

"For us, it's never a quick in and out job. It's an art form to take a house that's been just a little bit unloved and transform it into a home fit for your family"


Paige Poupart has been in the world of visual arts and design since 2005. So it is no wonder that the duo works so well together. Paige studied Architectural Design in conjunction with Colombia University’s International Program in France.  By donating design expertise to cultural non-profit organizations such as The Preservation Alliance of Lafayette, Paige has definitely made a name for herself. A realtor, a contractor and a designer, there is no end to what this woman can do.

By working together, the father-daughter team are able to create a stunning blend of craftsmanship and cutting-edge vision to create the perfect home. The duos specialty is turning houses that could confuse the mad hatter even more into stunningly charming and cohesive living spaces. By turning a house into a home, the duo creates comfortable living spaces suited to familial needs. This is home renovation at its finest. Catch the first episode of HGTV’s Renovation Gap this Saturday the 22nd of July at 2 p.m. ET. 


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