Introducing Radar Ion, a Guide to Joining the Bitcoin Lightning Network

Radar ION

Radar today introduced ION, a Lightning Network onboarding experience to provide new users with an interactive guide for experimenting with Bitcoin Lightning Network technology. Known for its decentralized application on Ethereum—Radar Relay—the venture-backed company Radar expands its product lineup into the Bitcoin blockchain.

Radar ION is an onramp to the Lightning Network. The ION homepage includes everything a new user needs to join the Lightning Network on a single page, including a testnet mode sandbox for new users to experiment with Lightning payments risk-free and a mainnet mode with comprehensive resources to begin using real Bitcoin for real products and services. The onboarding site is supplemented by ION News, a newsletter featuring Lightning project announcements, technical content, and community updates, and ION Wiki, a crowdsourced collection of the best Lightning tutorials, references, tools, and applications.

The Lightning Network is under active development, and navigating the technology in its current state can be difficult. ION brings more users and developers to Lightning with curated applications, documentation, and venues for community discussions and support.

Spencer Bogart, Partner at Blockchain Capital, commented: “Bitcoin is the most exciting and empowering thing to happen to financial markets in decades and the Lightning Network is taking things to the next level. The biggest challenge, however, is onboarding users and I’m thrilled to see Radar tackling this challenge head-on with ION.”

Solving new user interactions is the first step of the company's larger goal to serve and grow the Lightning Network community. Radar is committed to continuing research and development on products that will strengthen the adoption of this technology.

Radar ION’s Product Lead, Brandon Curtis, said: “The Lightning Network is rapidly improving, but accessibility for new users and feature discovery and integration for developers are challenging problems that haven't received much attention. By helping more people to connect and providing them with the tools to build and experiment, we can accelerate adoption and exploration of what the Lightning Network is capable of.”

About Radar ION

Radar ION is part of the Radar parent brand. Comprised of the ION homepage, ION News, and ION Wiki, Radar ION provides a comprehensive set of resources for users to join the Lightning Network. Radar Inc is a Denver, CO based technology startup with a mission to build products for our next financial system. Visit for more information.

Contact: Beatrice Leung

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