Introducing QtextA; the Everyday, Real-Time Q&A App

Dairy Queen in Middletown NY & QtextA Join Forces for a Promotional Blizzard


QtextA, LLC today announced the worldwide launch of QtextA, a free Q&A app for iPhone with a social networking twist that allows users to share everyday advice, recommendations and information with each other in real-time.

Don Frost, the owner of Middletown DQ in New York and QtextA developer is launching the app with a special promotion at his Dairy Queen; the first 1,000 users will receive a free mini Blizzard of their choice. The goal is to introduce people to QtextA and bring more customers to Middletown DQ.

Human knowledge and experience trumps artificial intelligence. Our free app is about people helping people whenever they need it.

Don Frost, President, QtextA, LLC

Frost says, “Human knowledge and experience trumps artificial intelligence. Our app is about people helping people whenever they need it. Questions are instantly delivered to respondents based on their knowledge of the topic and location. One or more answers from the user community are generated and delivered quickly. If people want to direct their question to members of a group, profession or in a given geographic area, they simply use a “#” or “@” sign.”

Some time ago, Frost became frustrated when posting questions online and receiving few, if any responses. He also found combing through multiple websites on search engines required too much time. According to Frost, “Artificial intelligence can’t be relied on for the kind of everyday advice and recommendations that come with human experience.”

Joined by programmer Josh Freed, they set out to build QtextA for iPhone and will introduce the Android and desktop versions next year. “Users can send follow-up questions and engage in conversations while making new contacts very easily,” says Frost. “When you think about it, each of us possesses a tremendous library of information and experience that can now be shared quickly and easily with others.”

Additional information is available:
Don Frost
Phone: (201) 961-3631

Source: QtextA, LLC

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