Introducing Presento: Transforming Data Visualization in PowerPoint

Unleash the Power of Data Visualization in PowerPoint with Presento: Seamlessly Integrate Excel Data and Elevate Your Presentations.

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OfficeReports, renowned for its integration with Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint, proudly presents Presento. This cutting-edge software redefines data visualization in Microsoft PowerPoint, enabling users to effortlessly create stunning, data-driven presentations.

Presento is a spin-off of OfficeReports, which has been trusted by professionals for years to streamline market research data reporting in Excel and PowerPoint. Drawing on this wealth of experience in creating software for PowerPoint, Presento takes data visualization to the next level.

This groundbreaking tool seamlessly bridges the gap between Excel workbooks and PowerPoint slides, simplifying the process of integrating data into presentations. With its AI Assistant, Presento enables users to effortlessly generate, rephrase, or create text by analyzing selected tables or charts, ensuring that data-driven presentations are not only informative but also captivating. Look at the image and see how Presento makes the workbook appear inside PowerPoint in the 'Workbook Pane':

Key Features of Presento:

Seamless Workbook Integration: Easily link Excel data from the 'Workbook Pane' to PowerPoint shapes, tables, and charts.

Enhanced Visualizations: Explore a wide range of chart types, including rotated line chart, diverging bar chart or quadrant chart, and infographics like gauge charts and sliders, which can be very difficult to create manually in PowerPoint.

Data Updates: Keep presentations current with a simple click to get the presentation updated with the latest data.

Preserve PowerPoint: Your resulting presentation retains its native PowerPoint format everybody can use.

AI Assistant: effortlessly generate, rephrase, or create text by analyzing selected tables or charts.

"Presento is a game-changer for data-driven presentations," said Torben Laustsen, CEO of OfficeReports. "We believe it will empower professionals to transform data into compelling stories."

Presento is available in three editions: Free, Pro, and Premium, each tailored to the unique needs of data-driven presenters. The Free edition offers essential features, while the Pro and Premium editions unlock advanced functionalities and support.

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