Introducing Philly Street Flippin' — an Exciting New Show Airing on DIY Network

Don't miss Philly Street Flippin' — an exciting new show that revolves around the art of home flipping. Philadelphia-born designer and real estate guru Rachel Street transforms a row of historic homes into something incredible, enhancing appeal to buyers and enabling homeowners to sell with ease. The next episode of this enthralling show will air on May 22 at 6 p.m. ET on The DIY Network.

Philly Street Flippin'

Philly Street Flippin’ is the innovative new television series brought to you by The DIY Network. The show revolves around the one and only Rachel Street in a quest to flip a historic row home in Philadelphia.

As a licensed realtor and the President of Hestia Construction LLC, Rachel Street is more than qualified to take on this unbelievable task. Having learned the ins and outs of the trade from her father, Rachel discovered a passion for home flipping, creating a way for individuals who want more than just a basic home foundation to express creativity and personal taste through uniquely stunning but functional homes.

"To bring something back from a state of total disrepair and turn it into a beautiful home is an art form. While it may seem easy, home flipping is not something just anyone could do. This is my passion."

Rachel Street, President of Hestia Construction, LLC

By utilizing an exceptional skill-set and knowledge of her hometown, Rachel is able to not only match individuals to perfect dream homes, but is also capable of ‘flipping’ ordinary houses into the most stunning homes imaginable, creating beautiful but functional living spaces. Focusing on the original charm of each structure, Rachel ensures that the home retains its own personality by blending the old perfectly with the new.

What makes this show unique is the fact that Rachel Street does it all. As a classically trained singer who is fluent in two European languages and having started a free program for adults in the South Philadelphia area to learn English as a second language, Rachel is definitely a one-of-a-kind example of talent.

The pilot episode received amazing reviews from audiences. Having been astounded by what Rachel has done by turning a home from zero to hero, viewers can enjoy the next episode of Philly Street Flippin’ that will be airing on the 22nd of May at 6 p.m. ET on The DIY Network. Be enthralled as Rachel Street pulls out all the stops and continues to work a special kind of design magic, transforming this ordinary Philadelphia house into an incredible home — don’t miss it! 

Source: Hestia Construction

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