Introducing NorthStar Digital Solutions

Tearing Down the Walls of Tradition in Transportation and Beyond

Dave Brajkovich, Chief Technology Officer, Northstar Digital Solutions

Born from inspired thinking and a thirst for innovation, NorthStar Digital Solutions was launched to offer a better way of managing the transportation process. The current methodology has handcuffed the transportation industry for years, making it less than appealing for the newer generations of skilled workers. NorthStar’s goal is to create a lasting digital experience that will transverse the traditional way of doing business in the currently labour-intensive world of paperwork and handoffs.

Dave Brajkovich, chief technical officer, states, “The vision of NorthStar Digital Solutions (NDS) is to automate and consolidate systems technology through RPA (Robotic Process Automation), machine learning and artificial intelligence, allowing the skilled transportation workforce to focus on ‘human-to-human’ connection rather than having their heads down, typing on keyboards. Users need to manage the machine – not have the machine manage the users.”

Cloud computing, distributed ledger technology, machine learning, IoT (Internet of Things) and artificial intelligence are not new technologies. These are simply unexplored and underutilized in the transportation sector for many reasons including costs, risks, the unknown and, of course, the biggest excuse for the shy investor: "I don’t wanna be first." Seeing the forest for the trees shows there are great opportunities to fully utilize some very capable tech-driven tools that will revolutionize not only the transportation industry but many affiliated verticals as well.

“Our primary vision is being first to market with a distributed ledger on a centralized hosted environment that will be dynamic, safe, immutable, easy to use/do business with and provide great insights.” Dave explains further, “It will allow for the common sharing of business transactions between partners, shared services providers, competitors and clients – used by organizations and consumer-end users who are looking to receive fast, efficient, secure and cost-effective service.”

For the skilled workforce, the goal is to leverage intelligent processing to enhance end-user experiences for both employees and clients. NDS is well on its way to launching real tools and technology that are not experimental but rather tried, tested and true. Polaris Transportation Group is providing the bed for NDS to launch these tools in real time and experience the benefits of automation. These technologies include IoT, snap-in APIs for quick integrations and artificial intelligence technology to provide insights and predictive analytics like no other.

Dave adds, “This is not a silver bullet and no system will ever be perfect, however, we have worked diligently to maximize the benefits of these systems which can truly help bottom lines and enhance the day-to-day operations for skilled workers and clients alike.”

Having partnerships with industry-leading technology organizations and influencers paired with proprietary API connections and automation enhancements, NDS can integrate, facilitate and provide the tools and services that will tear down the walls of clunky, slow and inefficient ways of processing data and fulfill the demands for speed and accuracy to the supply and demand markets.

Comprised of a small but mighty team of developers, engineers and architects, NDS is creating a new path for the next generation of users within alike functional markets which will ultimately revolutionize the way business is conducted. Over the next few years, the NDS platform will bring together many to service millions under a truly shared, decentralized environment. Breaking this down into potable segments from both a cost and quality perspective will be the core focus, however, the underlying passion at NorthStar Digital Solutions will be to continue to push the limits of digitization and remove the “beasts of burden” from the human workforce. 

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Dave Brajkovich, CTO 

Source: Northstar Digital Solutions


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