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​​An emerging world of possibility is now accessible via the launch of the creative publishing ecosystem called "Curationist." Sitting at the intersection of culture and technology, MHz Curationist is a platform for collecting and sharing cultural materials from the Creative Commons and Public Domain, established by the non-profit organization MHz Foundation. Curationist has been designed to transform the way people use their time online, share their voice and critical thought, and is a global community for curious people, curated by people worldwide.

Free to use and without annoying advertising, unsolicited notifications or algorithmic distraction, Curationist is a place to build connections and deepen cultural awareness through direct-source storytelling from local and global perspectives. MHz Curationist is an emergent, distilled and searchable CMS database of Creative Commons, Open Access, and Public Domain content serving as an interdisciplinary and ever-growing library, publisher and 21st-century online museum. It aims to communicate cultural narratives to foster curiosity, intercultural exchange and dialog.

“This project is entering the public domain at an extremely critical moment where so many people are searching for meaning and new points of connection via technology,” said Content Curation Director, Virginia Poundstone. “We see this platform and its collective vibe of different mindsets and energies, generating powerful thinking and creative collaboration. It is not singular in its purpose, rather an ongoing and evolving process of individuals and communities searching, discovering, contributing and benefiting from reaching out into new landscapes.”​

Committed to working with Creative Commons, this web-based resource brings together editorial content from around the web, as well as features that highlight current trends in culture. People will experience an easy-to-navigate site that guides them to content based on the medium, topic, time period, region, origin or any combination of those criteria. Its curated content, original content, voice and branding are focused on a modern consumer who is passionate about arts and culture often left undiscovered in an overwhelming internet.

About MHz Foundation: the MHz Foundation was founded in 2014 with a commitment to bring global content and perspectives to North American audiences via digital programming and public broadcasting. Advancing its mission, MHz Curationist launched today as a curated online experience for finding and collecting significant cultural and historical resources -- not limited by copyright -- for global communities, inspiration seekers and curators of curiosity interested to connect the world’s knowledge and direct-source exhibits of the human experience. MHz Curationist allows MHz Foundation to expand its reach beyond the Metro DC area and provide a powerful tool for people interested in exploring curated arts, culture and educational content from around the world. MHz Curationist is a not-for-profit project of the MHz Foundation, a Virginia based 501(c)(3) corporation.

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