Introducing iForce Chronos - Augmented Reality Dynamic Headphones for HiFi Audiophiles

Linsoul introduces the world's first AR audiophile headphones - iForce Chronos on Kickstarter, which utilize its proprietary new tech to allow users to physically feel the rumble of bass on the ears.

iForce Chronos AR Headphones

Linsoul partnered with the iForce Lab to develop the Chronos AR headphones, designed to provide a delightful new way for users to play games, work, watch movies, and listen to music. The first-of-its-kind AR headphones can balance reference-level detail with engaging frequency response, featuring a dramatic listen with greater intensity from sub-bass tuning. Equipped with the world's first vibration-integration dynamic drivers, the Chronos delivers extremely responsive bass vibration according to the rhythms and beats of the soundtracks. It's compatible with home theaters, VR headsets, laptops, and more Bluetooth-supported devices, making it a perfect fit for users seeking an immersive audio solution in a bespoke design.

The Chronos features a newly invented high-tech chip that uses Sound Force 2.2 Spatial Audio patented technology, identifying sound frequencies and auditory locations while adjusting the vibration feedback to match what users hear. It allows for five levels of vibration intensity that users can manually adjust to their preferences. The headphones feature a button on the right side that makes it easy to switch between different levels of vibration intensity, providing an immersive audio experience that combines physical feeling and auditory sense.

The world's first vibration-integration dynamic drivers allow users to physically feel the rumble of bass frequencies on their ears, taking AR headphones to a whole new level. Coated titanium compensates for the stiffness of the diaphragm dome while retaining the soft elasticity of the edges, providing crystal-clear highs, detailed mids, and high-fidelity bass response. Whether exploring the metaverse VR world, playing games, or watching movies, the Chronos promises the most immersive sound experience possible.

Thanks to its powerful Bluetooth compatibility, the Chronos provides a wireless listening experience that ensures seamless connectivity with users' devices, eliminating the need for tangled cords. The integrated microphone enables effortless communication with other users in gaming and calling, designed with a specialized audio channeling structure that isolates your voice and minimizes background noise for crystal-clear communication. Enjoy the freedom of wireless listening with the convenience of a built-in microphone with the Chronos headphones.

Pricing and Availability

The iForce Chronos is launched on Kickstarter at 11 am EST on 27th March. The super early bird price starts from $69. For more information, please visit iForce Chronos Kickstarter Campaign.

Source: Linsoul


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