Introducing Founderpad: The Online Incubator for Innovative Ideas, Purpose-Driven Collaboration, and Unmatched Creativity

The new online platform bridges the gap between Concept and Collaboration to envision the world's next big business ideas.

When it comes down to it, nearly everyone has had a "brilliant" business idea at some point in their life, right? For most, they usually just stay ideas, but for those that pursue them, the reality is that maybe those ideas aren't always the most "brilliant", since 9 out of 10 startups inevitably fail within 10 years. So how can one be sure that their idea has potential? More often than not, people are scared to voice their business ideas for fear of failure, rejection, or fear of someone stealing their business ideas.

What if there was a place where the world's most innovative thinkers could come together to create, collaborate and innovate to usher in a new era of business? Introducing Founderpad, the online platform designed to become an incubator of ideas where like-minded individuals can come together and bring forth their brilliant concepts and ideas, then go on to build the businesses of tomorrow. 

Founderpad was created to bridge the gap between the creative minds who conceptualize business ideas and the community and feedback required to prove efficacy and opportunity to thrive. Launched in Spring 2022, Founderpad is rooted in the belief that people should not be afraid to share their business ideas but that cooperation between people with complementary skill sets significantly increases the chance of success. Completely free to use, Founderpad empowers aspiring entrepreneurs to vet their business ideas before investing any significant time or money in them.

"I first came up with the idea for Founderpad because I always had business ideas I thought were great but had no way to be able to really tell. I thought that if I faced this issue, then many others would, so I decided to try and build a solution myself, to provide this service to others that faced the same issue, and support the entrepreneurship community." - Toby Farrant, Co-Founder

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About Founderpad

Founderpad is an innovative online platform designed to help entrepreneurs thrive. Founded in 2022 by Toby Farrant and Jamie Lee, Founderpad was created to bridge the gap between ideas and collaboration for forward-thinkers across the world. Founderpad is a place where entrepreneurs can develop their vision, collaborate with others in their industry, and build exciting new businesses with confidence and guidance. 


For more information or press inquiries, please contact Toby Farrant at or +44 7564 226927

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