Introducing Epomaker RT100-Fully Functional and Highly Enjoyable Retro-Style Mechanical Keyboard With a Detachable Mini Display and a Knob

Mini-TV Display on a mechanical keyboard? Epomaker RT100 is on sale now.

A retro-style 97 layout keyboard with a detachable smart monitor and a knob, Epomaker RT100 provides convenience and an all-around typing experience for users. 

Smart Mini Display with Powerful Software

Fashion is a circle and vintage style will never be outdated. The old-fashioned display with a reminiscent color scheme keycap reminds users of old times when typing or gaming. The highly playable mini display is fully functional and designed for practical use, which can be presented as a smartwatch with date and time, weather forecasts, and keyboard battery reminder. In addition, users can customize their favorite gifs or pictures and put them on display. The monitor is detachable, meaning the mini TV can be removed, and the port would become a hidden compartment for the 2.4 GHz dongle. Equipped with the proprietary and upgraded Epomaker software, the Epomaker RT100 allows users to customize the layout, remap the keys based on personal needs, create macro, and change backlight effects. 

Silent Linear Switch for Ultimate Typing Experience

While the mechanical keyboard is the essential star on every gamer and typist's desktop, the feeling and performance of the switches in the keyboard are the first priority. For the Epomaker RT100, the self-made Sea Salt Silent Switch matches it the most. This switch is designed with Linear type to satisfy all the typing needs and pull the typing experience to the full. Coming factory-lubed and specially structured, the switch can be self-lubed when typed, which is especially helpful for maintaining a smooth feeling. Moreover, the Epomaker Sea Salt Silent Switches are 5-pins, compatible with other keyboards that support 5-pins hot-swap. With a hot-swappable board, the switch can be changed freely based on personal interest, which would be very attractive and convenient for DIYers. 

Multiple Devices Attachable 

To better fit both working and gaming needs, the Epomaker RT100 is available for both wireless and wired connectivity modes. For the wireless option, the RT100 supports Bluetooth 5.0 and 2.4GHz connections. With the wireless connection, three devices can be linked through Bluetooth at the same time, such as laptops, smartphones, and tablets, which is critical for multi-devices workers and gamers. And for the wired option, the RT100 offers a stable and reliable cable connection via the type-C port. Furthermore, the RT100 is compatible not only with Windows or MacOS, but devices in IOS and Android are also available to connect. A few shortcuts can help to switch from different connections.

Price and Availability

The RT100 is on sale now. The price goes to $115.99. For those who have bought the $1 Reservation Card, there would be a $15 discount on the price. The switches are available in four options. Different switches, different prices.

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