Introducing EcoBridge: Forging Technological Solutions for a Sustainable Future

Announced today at the CGI 2023 Meeting; joint initiative between President Bill Clinton and entrepreneur and businessman Ziv Aviram will support efforts to combat the climate crisis

In a major step towards combating the escalating climate crisis, Israeli entrepreneur and businessman Ziv Aviram announced the launch of EcoBridge at the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) 2023 Meeting today in New York. EcoBridge will be an innovative global investment fund with a focus on technology and innovation, aimed at bridging the gap between today's climate challenges and the transformative technology companies that hold the promise of a more sustainable tomorrow.

EcoBridge is creating an Impact Advisory Board to gain the insight of its members and to help the fund with respect to its analysis of climate sustainability. President Bill Clinton will serve as chair of the Impact Advisory Board, advising EcoBridge on climate impact across different political, economic and government environments. The Impact Advisory Board will be supported by the Clinton Foundation, to align EcoBridge's investment focus with the educational and climate impact goals of the Foundation.

The Mission of EcoBridge is to serve as the bridge between the entrepreneurial community and the business sector in addressing the climate crisis and the potential of technologies being developed worldwide. EcoBridge will seek to connect geographies and visions—linking the urgent climate needs of the present with the potentially boundless possibilities that technology affords for the future. 

"The intersection of innovation and climate action is where true transformation occurs. EcoBridge is a catalyst for change," said Ziv Aviram, Co-founder & Chairman of EcoBridge. "We're not just investing in technologies; we're investing in a better world. Our choices today will shape the legacy we leave for generations to come."

EcoBridge is a global Climate Tech Investment Fund that will invest in companies that promise to bridge the gap between present climate challenges and a cleaner, more sustainable future. EcoBridge is led by its co-founders: Ziv Aviram, Itai Lemberger, and Robert Citrone. In a landscape where the climate crisis looms large, EcoBridge's focus is unwaveringly centered on technology and innovation to shape a future that is both sustainable and resilient, setting it apart from traditional climate funds. 

"Of the many challenges we face, there is perhaps none which requires our collective action as urgently as climate change," said President Clinton. "We know that when we work together, we can move the needle on this issue very quickly - and that there are passionate entrepreneurs and innovators all around the world already working to both advance proven climate solutions and pioneer new ones. This exciting new climate tech fund has the potential to unlock revolutionary solutions to this existential challenge."

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