Introducing DISTEK MAX - a High-Tech Clean for High-Tech Devices


Today, cellhelmet officially announced the launch of DISTEK MAX Screen Cleaner. This product is a new way to wash the disgusting germs off of technology. DISTEK MAX features cellhelmet’s strongest proprietary formula yet, with 70% ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL. This formula focuses on breaking down and removing dirt and oils where germs like to live.

​According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the most important thing one can do to protect themselves is to wash their hands. The second recommended safeguard is to apply hand sanitizer with 70% ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL. Electronic devices come in contact with fingers, hands, and face thousands of times per day. cellhelmet believes those devices should be given the same treatment. This is precisely why DISTEK MAX is made with 70% ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL for maximum protection, and why both Apple and Samsung now recommend this type of product for use on all of their devices with glass displays. DISTEK MAX comes in a conveniently sized 30mL spray bottle with a microfiber cleaning towel, making it easy to apply and carry.

Lee Terkel, Executive Vice President of cellhelmet, stated that, for quite some time, the company had been aware of a gap in the market for a truly robust cleaning product for handheld devices. In speaking on why cellhelmet has developed DISTEK MAX in the wake of COVID-19, Terkel acknowledged, “We have always had a company focus on products that solve real problems and improve the safety of our phones and tablets. Clearly, nobody is happy about what has happened in our world, but we are proud to be able to contribute to the fight in a positive way.” cellhelmet is currently accepting pre-orders through their website; DISTEK MAX will be available through approved retail partners and Amazon beginning May 1, 2020. 

cellhelmet is a company known for providing innovative solutions to the wireless world. Since landing a spot on ABC’s “Shark Tank”, cellhelmet has introduced a multitude of successful mobile accessory lines, which continue to drive an exciting culture of growth and innovation. cellhelmet is passionate about supporting American-made products like DISTEK MAX - they maintain direct control over all manufacturing processes and take great pride in their ability to deliver superior products. Currently, cellhelmet products can be found on, Amazon, and in over 4,000 wireless and wireless repair stores in the United States. 

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