Introducing DevRel.City: Fast Track Building Developer Communities

DevRel.City helps Developer Relations teams build communities

DevRel.City, a new platform to help Developer Relations professionals build communities, officially launches today with the goal to provide a better way for developer relations professionals to connect with developer communities and increase the ability of these professionals to evangelize their company's products.

Developer Relations has become an integral role in the technology industry, bridging the gap between developers and organizations, yet tooling to help boost productivity and effectiveness of those in DevRel is still nascent. As DevRel professionals, the team at DevRel City recognized the need for a platform that helped other professionals find and interact with communities that mattered to them in a way that was not so manual and tedious.

DevRel.City aims to become the go-to platform for DevRel professionals to gain insights to communities and get insider access to curated resources for building thriving developer communities. The platform offers critical information needed to jumpstart any company looking to build awareness within developer communities. 

From access to top community members with influence, to information about the most important conferences and CFP deadlines within your field, to mapping local meetups around the world, to highlighting need-to-know podcasts, DevRel City provides the ability to get started building authentic relationships and promoting developer-focused products immediately. 

"As Developer Relations consultants, DevRel City started off as an internal tool that helped us solve our own problems as we help companies build relationships and connections within developer communities. There's no way to quickly do this without a lot of insider knowledge and manual work to track what's important in a community. What DevRel City provides through the platform is something we have been doing manually for companies for years, which is what inspired us to build this platform," says Tracy Lee, Founder of DevRel.City. "By productizing our knowledge and experience as DevRel experts, we can now empower other DevRel teams to thrive in their roles and contribute to the success of their organizations."

With the initial launch, DevRel City provides information for JavaScript communities such as React with the goal of adding new communities in the coming months. Need a community boost in a different developer segment? Email to request your community today. 

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About DevRel.City:

DevRel.City is a platform for Developer Relations professionals designed to help gain insights and insider access to curated resources for building thriving developer communities. DevRel.City enables you to discover influential community members, track CFP deadlines for upcoming conferences, connect with popular podcast hosts and organizers, and cultivate local communities with meetups around the world. 

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