Introducing Dante Labs Business: A B2B Portal for Advanced Genetics Dedicated to Healthcare Professionals and Researchers

Dante Labs launched Dante Labs Business, a new portal tailored for Healthcare Professionals and Researchers that combines the great genetics expertise of Dante Labs with the tailored needs of the private healthcare sector, academia and research.

Dante Labs today announced the launch of Dante Labs Business for Healthcare Professionals and Researchers (, a new portal that combines advanced analytics, access to newest technologies and genetics expertise that thousands of individuals have come to know and love from Dante Labs, with new features and exclusive services tailored for healthcare professionals and researchers.

Dante Labs B2B customers will find tests and reports for their needs, special business-only pricing and billing. New services will be launched in the coming months, which leverage the power of sequencing in the research and healthcare space.

Some of the tests available to healthcare professionals and researchers include:​

  • Pharmacogenomic Tests
  • ACMG Panels
  • Immunology Panels
  • Long Read Whole Genome Sequencing

Customers have access to volume discounts, with different tiers.

“Private clinics and researchers have come to value the services and technical support of Dante Labs,” said Andrea Riposati, CEO of Dante Labs. “We have heard their requests for a more tailored online buying experience and for additional services that cannot be offered to individuals. We aim at bringing advanced genetics to all the researches and healthcare professionals that can’t afford to purchase and run their own sequencing equipment and create their own reporting pipelines.”

New customers must request access to the Dante Labs B2B Portal by registering on the website ( Only accredited clinics, doctors, healthcare professionals and researchers will be granted access.

To apply for a free Dante Labs B2B account, please visit

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Francesco Pennelli
Phone: +39-3206-030072

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