Introducing Brekeke SIP Server's STIR/SHAKEN Support Designed for Voice Providers

Brekeke SIP Server helps to build an anti-spoofing system that is FCC compliant

The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) announced earlier this year that the deadline for the adaptation of STIR/SHAKEN for small voice service providers with 100,000 or fewer subscriber lines was moved to June 30, 2022. The same compliances for the large service providers began at the end of June of this year. This Caller ID Authentication Standard was adopted to fight against spoofed robocalls. 

The FCC set this STIR/SHAKEN framework requirement for service providers to reduce the spoofed robocalls currently prevalent in the U.S. With this additional framework of interconnected standards, the call recipient's phone company can verify whether the call originated from the number displayed on the caller ID.

Brekeke has added STIR/SHAKEN support to Brekeke SIP Server to meet this compliance. Brekeke SIP Server can act as both STI-AS (STI-Authentication Server) and STI-VS (STI-Verification Server), which provides significant advantages of simpler integration and administration.

STIR/SHAKEN support is available on the Premium Edition of Brekeke SIP Server. This version is available through a monthly subscription plan that is designed for voice provider businesses. Brekeke SIP Server can be configured with STIR/SHAKEN once a service provider receives a digital certificate from a certification authority.

Configuration samples can be found at our wiki:

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