Introducing BOL DSNG Vans - World Leader in Outdoor Broadcasting

BOL, Pakistan’s Largest Media Group, has taken a momentous step towards becoming a world leader in broadcast technology by launching world-class DSNG vans. 

BOL's premium quality DSNG vans come with multiple wired and wireless cameras as well as remote controlled multicopters that give high quality aerial views and ensure that our beloved audiences get comprehensive coverage of every event. We go the extra mile to ensure you do not miss out any perspective of any story.

The vans have been designed using superior grade equipment with the help of ultra-modern technology. They are fitted with a mini -studio built with acoustic insulation that provides sound-proof setting to conduct exclusive interviews. They are also fitted with chroma-capability that brings the best viewership experience for our audiences. 

They are armored vehicles to ensure that we provide the greatest possible safety to our teams on the field as well as guarantee maximum maneuverability. Extensive measures have been taken to ensure that the vans are fire-proof. Additionally, they have been fitted with strong uplink systems to ensure the swift and smooth transmission of broadcast content. 

Additionally, the vans come with comfortable seating arrangements that simultaneously accommodate production and editorial teams to bring prompt and high-quality live coverage. The comfortable spacing easily accommodates heavy duty tripods, video and audio mixers, pan and tilt heads, skids and numerous other production accessories. 

“Our world-class DSNG vans will revolutionize outdoor broadcasting in Pakistan,” said Axact and BOL’s Chairman and CEO, Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh.

Source: BOL Network