Introducing a Radical New Naked Eye 3D Smartphone in India

TeknoAvr is all set to introduce the most trusted naked eye 3D smartphone across the country.

Tekno AVR, the leading electronic gadget manufacturer is about to launch the most stylish and elegant naked eye 3D smartphone in India.  The company is best known for manufacturing and launching a variety of unique products, not only in India, but across the globe. 
The launch of the product grabs the attention of millions as it is a first kind of Holographic Display Smartphone, to be launched in the country. 
“Our 3D smartphone or the Naked Eye 3D smartphone will offer you an amiable experience with us”, says CEO and owner of Tekno AVR, Mr Santosh Katekari. He also states that this glass free 3d smartphone, produced by the team of Tekno AVR will give you a completely different aspect of the 3D smartphones
The naked eye 3D smartphone or the Holographic Display smartphone comes along with a wide potpourri of specialisations such as a Cortex A53 Quad core processor of 1.5GHz, an OS of Google Android 5.1, 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM along with a 13 MP Rear Camera and 5MP Front Camera. This 3D smartphone will be available with an LCD resolution of 1920*1080 along with 4G and 3D sensors. You can enjoy a memorable selfie magic along with the 3d smartphone of Tekno AVR. 
Tekno AVR considers your incoming calls and messages to be precious and valuable. Thus, our 3D smartphones are inbuilt with various colors for various notifications such as blue for unread messages and missed calls, red while charging, etc. 
This 3D smartphone, which is about to be launched by the reputed Tekno AVR firm, is all set to bring glass free 3D display viewing to the masses. The best of this naked eye 3D smartphone is that one can watch any videos with a popping out of the screen effect. You can enjoy the experience of the images and videos floating around your eyes. 
To learn more about our newly designed naked eye 3D smartphone, you can visit our official website:
About the company
Tekno AVR is one of the leading manufacturers of electronic gadgets based in India, United Kingdom and Hongkong, functioning with nearly 2000 employees.  The company is continuously aiming to contribute a significant growth to the field of technology. 
With a huge team comprising of Hardware engineers, software developers, android developers, research and development staff, Tekno AVR brings out unique and innovative products, which are extremely useful for the end users. 
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