Intimate Wellness Company Rosebud Woman™ Launches the Rose Woman™ Podcast With Host Christine Marie Mason

Uplifting, positive and expansive show invites more freedom, peace and power into women's lives.

the rose woman podcast

​​​​​​​Intimate wellness company Rosebud Woman announces the launch of a new podcast: the rose woman.

The rose woman invites listeners into a conversation on how we can each live with more freedom, impact and joy. Wide-ranging conversations with a variety of experts provide strategies that women—and the men who love them—can use to cultivate lives immersed in freedom, impact, and joy. With an uplifting spirit of inquiry and expansion, the rose woman inspires greater self-care, sensuality, creativity, and power.  

Hosted by author, yogi, futurist, and Rosebud Woman founder and CEO Christine Marie Mason, the rose woman presents conversations with experts that help women flourish— from OB/GYNs to sex-positive therapists; from visual artists to tech innovators. “With each episode,” says Christine, “we hope to offer an insight, a piece of information or a new way of thinking that brings a little more freedom or joy, while amplifying and uplifting voices we love.”

Launch guests include Dr. Janeane Anderson on “Talking Sex with Your Doctor: Challenges After Trauma”; Entrepreneur Gina Pell on “Being Perennial: Secrets to Curiosity”; Clinical sexologist Dr. Sunny Rodgers on “Turned-on Relationships”; Coach Cora Darlington on “Radical Self-Nurture” and OB/GYN Somi Javaid on “The Right Medical Care for Women” - with more to follow.

Host Christine Marie Mason has brought her vibrant energy and business acumen to the fields of tech, wellness, and publishing. She is the author of four books, founder of Rosebud Woman, and cofounder of New Earth Mandala, a meditation retreat, farm, and garden on Hawai’i. She’s also a mom (of four) and a grandmother. 

Christine’s prior work as a tech CEO, and as a technology futurist, has given way to a more organic look at the future of our species. “Where do we go next in our psycho-emotional and spiritual lives,” she asks, “that will make a more coherent, congruent and whole world for everyone? With this new podcast, we address some facets of that question. Women are coming into their rightful equal place in global society. The unwinding of old stories about the feminine, increased self-knowledge and deep care are essential to human flourishing.”

Inspiring, and educational, the rose woman is available on iTunes, Spotify, iHeartRadio, SoundCloud, and other platforms, as well as on

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