Interpreting SAFE-AI Task Force Announces the Release of End-User Perception Survey in 10 Spoken Languages and ASL

In a significant step towards inclusive and comprehensive discourse on the role of AI in interpretation services, the Interpreting SAFE-AI Task Force announces the release of its End-User Perception Survey in 10 spoken languages on November 14, 2023, with American Sign Language (ASL) to follow soon. This initiative marks an important stride in understanding diverse perspectives on AI's impact in human communication and language access from those who rely on interpreters in health care, government, education, courts, and for access to other critical services.

The Perception Survey, initially launched in English, has been a crucial tool in gathering insights from end-users of interpreting services. Now, with its availability in multiple languages including Arabic, French, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Tagalog, Vietnamese, along and soon in ASL, the survey embodies our commitment to embracing a wide array of voices and experiences.

Carla Fogaren, President of the National Council on Interpreting in Health Care (NCIHC), explains, “This survey is an effort to explore assumptions and expectations about AI in human communication. We need to understand the full potential impact on language access that AI solutions may have and protect the most vulnerable populations.”

Weighing in on the significance of recent advancements language technology, Lakshman Rathnam, CEO of Wordly, a provider of live AI translation, remarks, “We are at a pivotal moment in the language technology domain where the chatter about the advancements in AI seem to be overwhelming. This survey is critical to defining a reasonable path to make real-time interpretation - both AI-powered and human - more reliable, dependable, and available in a safe, ethical, and effective way.”

Language Access Coordinator for the Arizona Supreme Court and Federally Certified Court interpreter, David Svoboda, highlights the survey’s significance on future accessibility in court settings, adding, “The Interpreting SAFE-AI Perception Survey is a significant step towards a more accessible and fair judicial process where AI is integrated ethically and in a way that safely increases meaningful access to individuals with limited English proficiency."

The expanded release of the Perception Survey is a testament to the SAFE-AI Task Force's dedication to ensuring that the evolution of AI in interpreting is guided by a comprehensive, inclusive, and ethically sound approach. We invite end-users from diverse linguistic backgrounds to share their perspectives and contribute to this essential dialogue.

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About the Interpreting SAFE-AI Task Force: The Interpreting SAFE-AI Task Force, a collaborative group of industry stakeholders, advocates for fair and ethical AI in interpreting. Their mission is to establish, disseminate, and promote guidelines for responsible AI adoption in the field, ensuring technology's benefits are maximized while minimizing potential risks. For more information, please visit

Source: Interpreting SAFE-AI Task Force