Internationally Acclaimed Stylist Joins McLean VA Hair Salon Team

Hier and Haines Salon is proud to announce that world-renowned Wayne Neiberg, celebrity hair stylist, is now making it possible for women, and men, in northern VA to have something in common with Jennifer Lopez or Jon Bon Jovi. Their hair stylist.

Hier & Haines Salon in McLean, VA is proud to announce 
that world-renowned
 Wayne Neiberg joined their professional styling team. Neiberg began taking clients on June 11, 2014.

Wayne Neiberg is a hair and makeup artist whose international career kept him globe-trotting and managing a relentless schedule - as well as his own salon - over several decades. He joined the Hier & Haines Salon team with a single purpose: to bring all of his artistry, skill, and experience to bear on the most essential element of good hair design: the haircut.

Wayne owned and managed a successful DC area salon before moving to New York to become more involved in the fashion industry.  For over twenty years he lived and worked in international fashion centers such as New York, London, Milan, Paris, Sydney, Hamburg, Munich, and Miami. 

So, why Hier and Haines Salon in McLean, VA?

"This is a fabulous salon in a smart and trendy community," says Neiberg. "Anyone within, 100... miles that hasn't discovered it yet is simply missing out."

After keeping up a demanding schedule for so many years, Neiberg claims that he is being very purposeful and selective about how he works at his art, today. "I don't need to work all the time but I love what I do and I believe that a great haircut is absolutely essential. Hier and Haines' clientele are savvy and appreciative of good style. That is a perfect fit for me."

At home once again in the DC area, Neiberg's impressive client list can be viewed on his website. Notable clients have included such well-known personalities as Jennifer Lopez, Nicole Kidman, Yoko Ono, Michael Caine, Jaqueline Smith, Andrew Lloyd Weber, James Brown, Jon Bon Jovi, Paula Abdul and many more. Additionally, he has been the stylist of choice for advertising campaigns by Christian Dior, Givenchy, Tommy Hilfiger, Giorgio Armani, MTV, Celine, Neiman Marcus and more. His work has appeared in Vogue (USA, Italia, Paris, Deutsch, Australia, Homme); Mondo Uomo; Glamour, Mademoiselle, Trump, Cosmopolitan, Self Magazine, and Elle to name just a few. Photographers such as Annie Liebowitz, Ellen von Umwerth, Peter Beard, Aldo Fallai, Kip Meyer and many others have relied on Wayne Neiberg's styling expertise and flair for just the right look.

Wayne is in the salon on Wednesday each week, and available for haircuts only. Walk-ins are welcome, but appointments, which can be requested online or by calling the salon, are strongly recommended.