International Wing Chun Academy Boosts Self-defence Skills with Authentic Martial Arts Training Programme

The International Wing Chun Academy, the leading training centre of high quality martial arts in Australia, features the authentic and world-renowned Wing Chun Kung Fu system.

Wing Chun Kung Fu, the martial arts popularised by Bruce Lee's master, Ip Man, enables a smaller person to quickly and effectively defend themselves against a larger opponent. Unlike most disciplines that were developed for sport or performance, Wing Chun Kung Fu was developed specifically for use in self-defence. As a result, the discipline is an ideal system for anyone to learn as in a real-life self-defence situation, the opponent is likely to have some advantage by being physically larger, accompanied by others or in possession a weapon.

In Australia, one academy stands out for its unique training programme: the International Wing Chun Academy. The institution was established in Adelaide, South Australia, in 1973 by one of Wing Chun's leading masters and Founder of the Academy, Grandmaster Jim Fung.

Kathy Lawrence, a teacher, St Mary's College in Adelaide, only has great words to say about the training: "The Year 10 students at St Mary's College found the self-defence course . . . from the International Wing Chun Academy to be informative and, most of all, practical. The girls commented on how very useful and appropriate the strategies and techniques shown appear to be, and that they feel confident in applying those in a real situation should the need ever arise. The delivery of the course was excellent."

Students at the Wing Chun Academy learn from no less than the best. The philosophies and practices of Grandmaster Jim Fung, and Chu Shong Tin, the Father of the Academy, have earned a reputation for authentic Wing Chun Kung Fu.

Teaching students to be ready for anything, the International Wing Chun Academy offers Wing Chun training. In line with the principles of the discipline, the martial arts Sydney course aims to generate immense speed and power without relying on physical strength. The strong fitness component of martial arts training at the Academy, detailed at, also makes the Wing Chun training an interesting and rewarding alternative to going to the gym. provides students with a fast and easy-to-follow way to learn the self-defence skills of Wing Chun Kung Fu. Wing Chun classes are conducted 7 days a week at the Academy's Sydney City HQ. Specialised kids' Kung Fu and women's self-defence classes are also available.

To find out more about Wing Chun training courses at the International Wing Chun Academy, please visit for information.

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