International Sugar Artists Unite for Earth Day

International sugar artists inspire and act to create change. A Social Media event and fundraiser to benefit National Geographic Society Chicago, IL: Earth Day, April 21st 2016 at 9pm CST organizers released "ACTS of GREEN"; an online digital art gallery to raise awareness for our planet and it's people.

ACTS of GREEN is a Social media event that will utilize the followers, friends and families of over 200 members through Facebook, Twitter and Instagran to open the eyes of the World's population to the plight of our planet as well as hope for the future.  Award winning sugar and pastry artists have donated their time, talent and materials to create edible showpieces in the hope of raising awareness and donations for National Geographic Society.  They have submitted photos of their pieces hoping that viewers will be compelled to get involved.   Monies will be raised via donations and giveaways to be held online the entire month of April leading up to Earth Day April 22, 2016 (made possible by generous donations -Vendor list available upon request).

This years event “ACTS of GREEN”  will focus on issues facing our planet which are vast and often overwhelming including Global Warming and endangered species.  By supporting National Geographic Society we are giving to an organization that has made a tangible effort to not only help reverse the damage that has been done to the planet and it’s people through it’s Conservation Trust but educate future generations to the importance of its preservation through its Young Explorers Programs and Expedition Grants.

"As a nurse and the founder of UNSA, I have this intense need to help others. So, to provide a legitimate way for others in the cake and sugar community to use their skills and strength as a hole to make a change in this world, means everything to me. Volunteering and helping others are part of being a citizen of this planet that we all have a responsibility to do".

Zawadi Parizek, Founder

The United Nations of Sugar has been in existence for 2 years and is awaiting Nonprofit status.  It began as a small group of friends wanting to use their passion for cakes to band together and somehow make a difference in the lives of others.  It has since grown into a community of over 400 members with a goal to host annual digital art galleries to raise awareness and funds for a given charity. Last year UNSA hosted “BE TEAM RED” which raised over $2200.00 for The Global Fund in donations and educated many to the transmission of HIV from mother to child and it’s prevention.  

Source: United Nations of Sugar Art

About United Nations of Sugar Art

A coalition of World Citizens and Sugar Artists creating showpieces under a common theme . Our goal, to bring continued awareness and renewed drive to charities working against various Social inadequacies.

United Nations of Sugar Art

Chicago, Illinois