International Partnership Brings Innovative Modular Cleanroom Technology to US Market

MRC cleanrooms & Biologics Modular

MRC Cleanrooms and Biologics Modular have formed an alliance to deliver cutting-edge cleanroom wall system technology to the U.S. market. These modular wall systems will expand the current product matrix for Biologics Modular and offer a strategic position in the U.S. market for MRC. With multiple manufacturing facilities worldwide, MRC can traverse supply issues and streamline manufacturing through a diverse supply chain. These advanced manufacturing processes will shorten production timelines and deliver unrivaled construction timelines for U.S.-based clients. 

The Biologics construction team will provide expanded services to the manufacturing marketplace, and MRCs' wall systems will deliver shortened construction timelines and unparalleled quality to the U.S. marketplace. President & CEO Clark Byrum expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, saying: "These innovative products from MRC will expand our facility construction delivery and provide expansion of services and products for our clean room clientele. MRC's capabilities to manufacture and deliver these products give Biologics Modular another opportunity to help our clients expand." 

These cleanroom paneling systems provide solutions for the pharmaceutical, healthcare, aerospace, renewable energy, microelectronic and high-end technology industries. MRC Cleanrooms and Biologics Modular will jointly provide the full design, delivery, validation, and installation of these systems for their respective U.S.-based clients. Global Sales Manager Samuel Hussain said: "It is always exciting to introduce our cleanroom system into new geographical markets. Our strategies aim at doing it in such a way that ensures end users don't just benefit from access to our innovative cleanroom paneling systems, but also enjoy efficient and seamless project implementation, as well as structured and consistent after sales support and maintenance. MRCs strategic partnership with Biologics Modular helps us to achieve that and more. Their expertise in the cleanroom segment, their project management competence, and now their use of the MRC cleanroom system, creates a partnership that will add a lot of value to the U.S. market." 

About MRC Cleanrooms

MRC Cleanrooms develops products to help clients innovate, improve, and grow in all available fields and industries. MRCs' technologies also closely align with new manufacturing processes and opportunities within the CBD, and Cannabis industries. The MRC GRP cleanroom paneling system was developed specifically to answer the questions and solve the issues that were raised by other panel systems on the market. To ensure the perfect offerings, MRC fully understands the requirements for manufacturing within these industries and therefore offers controlled environment solutions from the design phase through to fabrication, installation, validation, and commissioning. Learn more at

About Biologics Modular

Biologics Modular is on the cutting edge of designing, manufacturing, and constructing modular cleanrooms and turnkey laboratories. From design to validation, Biologics Modular works as a single-source solution for your cleanroom requirements. Every component of the products we offer is custom-designed and prefabricated to meet your specifications. Learn more at

Source: Biologics Modular