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Hyderabad : DL Ravindra Reddy who was oosted from the cabinet today in a press meet has strongly slammed CM kiran Kumar Reddy.

Hyderabad Latest News Today : DL Ravindra Reddy who was oosted from the cabinet today in a press meet has strongly slammed CM kiran Kumar Reddy. DL commented that Kiran is full into the publicity and nil when it comes to action. Explaining the loopholes of the reforms from Kiran, DL informed as to how the deputy CM was pushed aside in the Sub plan. DL said that Kiran has anger on him from the 2011 December and thus had requested for Sonia's permission to resign from his Minister post in 2012 itself when his portfolios were cut down.

DL expressed his surprise over the way followed to take him off the cabinet. He saying not to know the methods to stick to the posts has demanded to know the reasons as to why this was done. DL ravindra Reddy informed that after speaking to his followers in Mydukur after Wednesday, he would let out his future action plan. DL stated that his future steps would purely be as per the opinion of his followers. He stated never to have strived for power and also angered that bad name is coming for Sonia due to the existing leaders.

Former wellness reverend DL Ravindra Reddy said on Thursday that he would choose his upcoming approach after talking to the individuals in his constituency. A oral writer of primary reverend N Kiran Kumar Reddy, Ravindra Reddy was unceremoniously decreased from the cupboard last Weekend when he was away vacationing in London, uk with his close relatives. Addressing a media meeting here, Ravindra Reddy said even though he was a Representative to the primary and dedicated to defending The legislature and celebration chief executive Sonia Gandhi from being disgraced in the condition, he would soon seek advice from his followers in his Mydukur constituency in Kadapa region on his upcoming approach.

Stating that his sacking was unjust, especially when he has provided the celebration for more than 35 decades, the Kadapa The legislature innovator said the CM due an description to the individuals for suggesting his termination from the cupboard. "It would be silly for Kiran Kumar Reddy to think that my termination would quiet experts like PCC primary Botsa Satyanarayana and deputy CM C Damodar Raja Narasimha," Ravindra Reddy said. A six-time MLA, Ravindra Reddy was not all remorseful about his strategy against Kiran Kumar Reddy and reiterated that he had only been crucial of the techniques which instead of gaining the individuals would end up duping them.

Making reference to the Bangaru Thalli plan, the former wellness reverend said there was no need to release a new plan when better techniques were languishing due to non-implementation. Going smooth on former primary reverend YS Rajasekhara Reddy, he said Kiran cannot lay declare for these techniques as they were only minor variations of the ones began by YSR. "My argument was that when Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh shunned advertising, how the CM could spend so much cash on advertising of such techniques which have neither cash nor cupboard acceptance," he said.

The advantages accumulated to the individuals, he said, were far less than what was invested on advertising of these techniques. Asking for the CM with embarrassing him from the starting, Ravindra Reddy said he had hardly ever been advised of the primary minister's programs and that whenever he joined such activities, he was freely ashamed by him. "Stepping down from the cupboard was not new to me. When Kotla Vijayabhaskar Reddy was primary reverend, I had to step down from the cupboard following a hooch disaster in my constituency. The then CM pleasantly requested me to step down.

He even advised us," Ravindra Reddy added. He said he was dedicated to defending the respect of the celebration and celebration chief executive Sonia. "I will not be cowed down by the termination. I have never hankered for any place. Nor did I ever hold about at the AICC head office for a celebration solution. I will keep increase my speech whenever respect of the celebration is at share," he said. Responding to a volley of concerns, he said he would go by the celebration choice in situation there is any voting against the CM.

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