International Muse Awards Recognizes John Beck Steel’s New Online Store for Excellence in Design and Product Display

John Beck Steel, a leading manufacturer of hand-formed, custom designed lighting fixtures, releases a new online shopping experience for buyers seeking show-stopping installations for their homes and businesses.

John Beck, Master Artist and Lighting Designer

On May 10th, 2024, The MUSE Creative and Design Awards unveiled their winners for the 2024 competitive season. Hosted by the International Awards Associate (IAA), this competition received over 8,500 entries from across the globe, affirming their position as a prestigious program honoring creative and design professionals.

John Beck Steel received two Gold Design Awards in the website category. The work that led to this victory, earning them these prestigious accolades, was created by Bad Penny Factory, a partner agency of Bergman Collins, for John Beck Steel.

“When it came time to select a digital design agency to take our custom products public, I knew I wanted the team at Bad Penny Factory,” said John Beck, Master Artist and Studio Owner, John Beck Steel. “As a designer myself, I knew that I needed an agency that would respectfully showcase our products in a way that honors the true, and oftentimes tedious, labors that it takes to bring each new lighting fixture to full production.”

The MUSE Awards encompass a range of competitions designed to recognize excellence across many diverse fields. The International Awards Associate (IAA) ensures these competitions are accessible and fair, guaranteeing that recognition is earned by those who truly deserve it.

"Creativity knows no bounds; it's the cornerstone of every great design. At IAA, we're committed to honoring and promoting the brilliance and originality that propel the creative process forward," explained Thomas Brandt, spokesperson of IAA. He continued, "with every stroke of genius, we're reminded of the boundless potential of human imagination."

The new John Beck Steel website design entry was recognized and judged amongst entries from international brands, with direct submissions from names such as Coach, NBCUniversal, Les Ateliers Louis Moinet SA, Ltd, Geely Design, and others; with indirect submissions from Lay's / Netflix, Mattel, KFC, Walt Disney Studios, Warner Bros. Entertainment, Google, Nikon, Spotify, Mercedes-Benz, and Genesis.

“Celebrating the exceptional talent and creativity that radiates from each hand-formed steel creation from John Beck Steel, is a source of immense pride for our team,” said Christine Collins, Founder of Bad Penny Factory, and Managing Partner of Bergman Collins. “John Beck Steel’s lighting designs serve as a standard of excellence in their industry and we’re thrilled to have been a part of making these products more accessible to the public.”

Since 2007, the John Beck Steel studio has been producing some of the most innovative, hand-formed, custom lighting fixture designs in the industry. With the studio located in the heart of the American Midwest, these lighting design installations can be found throughout the world. Shop online at Trade programs are available.

Source: Bergman Collins

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