International Citizens Insurance Responds to Increasing Demand for Quality Plans Resulting in Record Sales in 2021

International Citizens Insurance

International Citizens Insurance (, a leading international insurance broker, celebrates strong growth of 25% YOY in 2021. As COVID continues to impact global movement and international travel, the company expanded its efforts to provide premier products and customer service to its international clientele. New partnerships and hires in 2021 position the company for even stronger results in the new year.

In 2021, the United States was host to close to 45 million immigrants. Meanwhile, over nine million Americans live abroad, double the number in 1999 according to State Department estimates. These individuals need quality international insurance to ensure they are adequately covered while abroad. As a result of COVID, more clients than ever are looking for high-quality plans that offer truly comprehensive benefits.

In response, International Citizens Insurance has diversified its offerings, adding a wider range of plans and partners. The company has new relationships with both William Russell and Trawick International. These partnerships allowed the company to introduce new products, including international life insurance and custom travel insurance plans.

"It has been a challenging couple of years. We are proud of the team we have bult and their ability to respond to the changing dynamic of the current market and service the needs of our global client base," said Joe Cronin, President of International Citizens Insurance. 

The impact of COVID on travel over the last couple of years has been significant. It has also created an increase in demand from those traveling abroad. Partly due to this new environment, international insurance sales for the company increased by 25% YOY. Travel insurance premiums, a key driver in growth, increased 70% YOY as more countries are requiring travel insurance coverage and more clients understand the importance of having a quality plan. The company saw 20% growth in new global medical plans buoyed by the strong retention of existing clients. 

The forecast for 2022 remains strong.  Joe Cronin, President of International Citizens Insurance, says, "We are predicting continued stable growth in core products along with a strong increase in sales of travel, life, and global group sales. To support this growth, we are proud to welcome Nicole Gustas, our new Director of Marketing, and Ann Sexton, Director of Operations. Nicole will oversee marketing activities with a focus on organic growth and content marketing. Ann is responsible for the improvement of operational activities with a focus on improving how we serve our international clients."

About International Citizens Insurance

International Citizens Insurance is the insurance division of International Citizens Group. They provide unique comparison engines that enable travelers and expatriates to research, quote, compare, and purchase international health, life, travel, and expatriate insurance from a variety of international carriers.  


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