International Citizens Insurance Announces 2022's Best Plans for Expats and Global Citizens

Including Best Plan for U.S. Citizens Abroad, Best Plan for Southeast Asia and More

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International Citizens Insurance, the leading international insurance broker, has announced 2022's best international health insurance plans for expats, global citizens, remote workers and other people living outside of their home country. These recommendations simplify the overwhelming array of international medical insurance choices for the growing wave of expats moving to new countries.

"Finding expats the right plan for their needs is our top priority. The companies in our top 10 list all excel at the key criteria that are most important to people living abroad," said Joe Cronin, President of International Citizens Insurance. "These top international health insurance companies are trustworthy, reliable and give our clients great service no matter where they are in the world. We're excited to congratulate this year's winners on the enhanced benefits and great service they provide to global citizens around the world."

International Citizens Insurance judged each company and plan on six key criteria: the size of their network, the breadth of benefits available in their plans, the availability of added features such as telemedicine, the ease and user-friendliness of filing a claim, the ability to adjust a premium through copays and deductibles, and the financial stability of the insurer (based on their A.M. Best rating). The most trusted insurers include Cigna Global, notable for their worldwide comprehensive coverage and extensive network; GeoBlue, which provides U.S. citizens living overseas and expats in the United States with excellent telehealth services and easy claim filing; and William Russell, known for their personal touch and strong presence in Southeast Asia.

In order to help expatriates find the best insurance for their specific needs, International Citizens Insurance has also identified the best plans for specific clients. These include the best premium international health insurance plan for U.S. citizens, the best premium international medical insurance plan for non-U.S. citizens, the best international health insurance for expats residing in Southeast Asia, and the best global medical insurance for people on a budget.

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