International BoerBoel Federation Press Release Re: Ashville, NC


The International Boerboel Federation responds to the tragic events in Asheville, NC with the following statement:

In light of recent tragic events in Asheville N.C., we think it is the best interest of the Boerboel breed worldwide to release a statement in order to clarify some significant misconceptions being spread in the media regarding the breed.

The Boerboel breed was developed in South Africa as a guardian dog for families on the farms where a multipurpose animal was required which could fulfill roles such as farm animal round-up, to protect and defend against animals that pose a threat and also homestead protection.  Due to these requirements, the dogs have been bred to be large and powerful and highly intelligent with a temperament suited to be a working dog when required as well as a family pet and for the protection of the whole family. They were not used for hunting lions and killing baboons as stated by some and although can be used for hunting and have a good prey drive, they are more of a guarding and protection breed.

Over time, due to changes in lifestyle and environment, certain demands on the breed have changed and they have become more domesticated.  The intelligence of the breed has made it perfect as a family pet and they now operate in multiple roles from protection to special service to companion animals.  Due to their caring compassionate nature, they make excellent household pets and care deeply for their owner and their family members.

"Our deepest condolences go out to the family and friends of Jane Egle during this very trying time," said B de Villiers, Chairman of International BoerBoel Federation.

"In the current era of media sensation and quick judgments we think fair, impartial coverage should prevail and the animals should not be judged by human standards.  Condemnation of a whole breed does not serve any purpose and we do believe that this is contrary to what Jane would have wished to leave behind."

The International Boerboel Federation is a multidisciplinary membership organization covering breeders, working dog trainers and pet owners world-wide.

For any inquiries please contact:
B de Villiers

Source: International Boerboel Federation


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