International Association of Commissioning Engineers IACE Opens Its Doors to Members

IACE has opened its doors to members of the Commissioning Industry. In the primary stages, applications for Founder members will be accepted by invitation only and they will extend the opportunity to the members of the Commissioning "public" in February 2016.

International Association of Commissioning Engineering IACE

Yesterday, Friday 8th January 2016, IACE opened their doors to members of the Commissioning Industry.  In the primary stages, they are opening them to Commissioning Professionals by invitation only and they will extend the opportunity to the members of the Commissioning “public” in February 2016.

Paul Spice, President IACE said this was the culmination of 2 years work, and IACE is "by Commissioning Professionals for Commissioning Professionals"

Paul Spice, President

For a limited time, invited members of the Commissioning field, representing a variety of industries (including Energy, Pharmaceutical, Construction, Nuclear amongst others), will be invited to become founder members (FMs) of IACE.   Those members will have the term "Founder Member" on their certificate of membership and membership cards throughout the entirety of their membership. This appeals to many in this field that is often unrecognised or ignored when looking at the greater sphere of project delivery, whether in construction of buildings, production of new technology, or in the field of pharmaceuticals producing medication, as some examples.  

The Founder Membership status doesn't come free however, IACE will be reliant on industry experts assisting in the development and recognition of Commissioning as its own field.   FM's will be actively encouraged to involve themselves in a variety of ways including:-

  • Steering Group involvement
  • Technical or Membership committee involvement
  • Assisting in creation of IACE Competency Framework
  • Assisting in creation of IACE BOK
  • Assisting in creation of IACE Professional Qualifications
  • Writing of Commissioning-related whitepapers
  • Attending / Presenting at seminars

Full membership will be open to members of the Commissioning public from 1st February, and many of those will also be actively encouraged to assist IACE in developing a Professional body that we can all be proud to be related to and involved with.

Let's help us put Commissioning in its rightful place.....

IACE’s mission is to serve its worldwide network of members and partners by offering a professional platform and focus for the development and advancement of the Commissioning discipline.

IACE is a not-for-profit organisation registered in London, England.


Contact Paul Spice, President


Telephone   +44 7790904502 or +968 91147092


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