Interfaith Harmony Week in Ajmer

Ajmer will celebrate the UN observance of World Interfaith Harmony Week to promote the culture of peace and harmony between Religion

Ajmer will be celebrating the UN World Interfaith Harmony Week which will be held at Al Ikhlas Museum and Gallery Campus at 1:45 pm until 5 pm in Foysagar Road. The conference is organized by Divine Abode Foundation and National Human Rights Council for Women Rajasthan. The aim of the conference is to promote the culture of interfaith dialogue and Humanity. The event is to bring peace solutions to the problems of communal harmony between Religions. The conference is to guide the people on interfaith education among children, look beyond Religion and accept each other as our brothers and sisters. Divine Abode Foundation is a secular organization and believe in promoting peace through implementation of spiritual guidance said Atul Agarwal. Gulsha Begum President Global Peace Mission and chairperson Divine Abode Foundation has launched a nation wide program Global Peace Mission in January with a series of events lined up for this year in different states. Ajmer is chosen as the take off point for this mission to implement peace and secularism among the people. The event is free and open to Public


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