Intepat IP Services Launches IPLogbook - A Comprehensive Web-based Real-time IP Portfolio Management Solution

Clients to benefit from increased effectiveness in compliance with legal issues related to safeguarding their intellectual property

Intepat IP Services Pvt Ltd ("Intepat") today announced the launch of IPLogBook as a value-added service for its clients in India. This web-based Intellectual Property (IP) Portfolio Management Solution would empower users by providing them with real-time systemic information on their portfolio status and also alert them of critical deadlines. The cloud-based solution has been created with state-of-the-art technology, to ensure data security.

In today's global marketplace, the existence of dynamic interplay between businesses, legal and technical issues cannot be undermined. The protection of Intellectual Property (patents, trademarks, copyrights) has thus become an important cornerstone, which determines an organization's go-to-market strategy and business growth prospects.

Safeguarding of intellectual property is a time-critical process that involves filing of applications, patent examination, payment for annuity fees, renewals, compliances and several other procedural intricacies.

Indian enterprises have made their mark in key sectors such as IT, electronics, telecommunications, and energy sources. These companies carry out a wide range of research and development projects on a regular basis. Unfortunately, often their efforts come to naught as overseas companies challenge innovations and new developments on the grounds of patent and copyright laws.

The primary reason being, Indian enterprises are not well versed with the patent / copyright laws and there is an absence of a comprehensive intellectual property management solution.

IPLogBook enables users to check current status of their IP Portfolio, provides them with a complete file history with relevant dates and serves as a comprehensive document management system.

The solution incorporates comprehensive features to enable registration all filing details, uploading documents, email notifications for change in status, tracking application status, notification on renewal notice, alerts based on the various timeline set, systematic reminders based on various alerts timeline, forum for question & answer, support on various IP matters through ticketing and generation of reports amongst others.

Intepat's IPLogBook solution would be immediately available to the Company's existing clients as a value-added service. However the Company has plans to offer the solution to other Indian enterprises as well in the near future.

"As we are always innovating the way we provide our services, IPLogbook is a unique and effective solution that would enable our clients to ensure/comply with legal issues related to their intellectual property. Our customized approach has enabled our clients to transform their ideas and innovations, into business opportunities."

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