Intend™ Announces Support for Monkeypox Vaccinations on the Intend Platform

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Intend, Inc.

Intend™, a patient-centric healthcare management software provider, today announced support for Monkeypox Vaccinations on the Intend platform.

"I think we and all our providers were a bit surprised about how quickly this virus has spread. The CDC reported last week that there are over 7,500 confirmed cases in the U.S.," said Intend President, Eric Kupferberg.

"Our partners, like Pucci's Pharmacy in Sacramento, were quick to respond by providing us the required forms and criteria for the Monkeypox Vaccination, and we were able to get their requests implemented in a matter of hours. They have a large-scale event scheduled for the weekend of August 13 at Sacramento LGBT Center from 3-6 p.m. and we are honored to be able to support Pucci's for this event servicing the LGBTQ+ community," said Kupferberg.

Since implementing Intend in 2020, Pucci's has provided the Sacramento community with more than 26,000 Covid-19 vaccinations, 1,800 Jynneos Monkeypox Vaccinations, and over 11,000 Covid-19 diagnostic tests. "The Intend Platform is easy to use and saves our staff time when servicing the community. It's also easy for our patients to register and receive alerts for pending appointments and follow-up communications via text and email. Intend integrates seamlessly with our state immunization database so their records are updated within minutes of vaccinations being administered to patients," said Clint Hopkins, Pucci's CEO and Pharmacist.

About Pucci's Pharmacy:

Pucci's Pharmacy has been serving the Sacramento area for over 90 years. Since owning Pucci's in 2016, Clint Hopkins and husband Joel Hockman have built personal relationships within the community to demonstrate the wide service offerings that an independent pharmacy offers.

Pucci's Pharmacy / Pucci's LTC Pharmacy
3257 Folsom Blvd / 1428 33rd St
Sacramento, CA 95816
(916) 442.5891

About Intend:

Intend delivers frictionless scheduling, billing, reporting and patient communication to healthcare providers nationwide. Since 2020, the Intend software platform has processed over 5 million medical procedures at over 5,000 client accounts for millions of patients. The company's customizable SaaS solutions provide ease of use for both patient and provider, with a focus on:

  • Access anywhere, mobile-friendly interface
  • Online appointment scheduling with patient and client account portals
  • Flexible integrations to LIS, billing, state and federal government agencies
  • Automated reporting and patient follow-up

Intend partners with pharmacies, urgent care providers, labs, and physician offices to enhance business function while delivering superior patient care.
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Source: Intend, Inc.