IntelliTrack Deploys Android OS Mobile Computer Client

IntelliTrack announced its bold move to support and add the Android Operating System (OS) into its mobile computing platform.

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IntelliTrack announced its bold move to support and add the Android Operating System (OS) into its mobile computing platform. Freed from the usual proprietary OS restrictions , Android OS can support applications that are simple, intuitive, and designed to meet the specific needs of the small to medium sized business served by IntelliTrack. Over the last 18 years, the company has served businesses well through proprietary OS and languages such as UPG, MS-DOS, Pocket PC, Windows Mobile and Windows CE. But, as soon as Android OS evolved into an enterprise product, Intellitrack incorporated it into a state of the art computing client for its scanning and tracking inventory applications.

"We've been on the leading edge of OS and industrial computer support," said Ron Pawlowski, "and the Android OS client support release is another example of IntelliTrack maintaining its leadership role in data collection software."

The beauty of this new operating system is its versatility. Android OS client supports both the onsite standard storage of data and IntelliTrack's STRATUS line of inventory tracking. It can be used on both industrial and consumer mobile computers. And, the application is completely custom designed.

This is only possible because major manufacturers of industrial mobile PCs enhanced the functionalities of their devices in ways that support this OS. This meant refocusing from a consumer product to an enterprise OS in order to offer these solutions.
• Built in multi user log accessed with ID and password.
• Enhanced security features for both OS and device. The best in enterprise authentication, the Android OS features state of the art data encryption protocol, remote lock and wipe in case of loss or theft, and authorized only access to the applications.
• Enterprise peripherals supported by device ports and OS.
• One version of the application for various operating systems. This simplifies application management and significantly reduces time and cost for IT support.
• Automated updates for device management. Centralized remote control manages the Android devices ensuring regular updates are done without disrupting operations.
• Integrated bar code scanning function. The camera inside the Android device is capable of scanning any 1D or 2D bar code.

These are such important steps forward in operating system technology that IntelliTrack is absolutely confident in offering the stable and very popular Android OS as another example of their continuing commitment to excellence.

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