Intellezy Recognized With Official Microsoft Partner Status


Intellezy, a leading organizational change consultancy with a focus on both organizational change management guidance and L&D (learning and development) services, has achieved official recognition and has been named an authorized Microsoft Partner.

Microsoft partner status demonstrates best-in-class capabilities paired with a high level of technical Microsoft excellence. In addition, this certification recognizes the commitment of a company to ensure clients have a productive, collaborative, and secure workplace environment.

Intellezy has also announced it will collaborate closely with TechNet UC, LLC, a cloud solution company and Microsoft Gold Partner that provides solution design, migration and cloud optimization services and has years of Microsoft 365 and Azure experience.

Andrew Wight, the president and CEO of Intellezy, shared what the Microsoft's recognition and this new partnership mean to the team. "Microsoft has now validated our best-in-class capabilities, and we look forward to deepening our working relationship with the organization. By partnering with TechNet UC, one of the most trusted and respected system integrators in the industry, we are able to provide an end-to-end seamless solution for clients. 

"Together, we will bring excellence in the implementation of technology solutions. Importantly we also provide industry-leading L&D components and organizational change guidance that will ensure the adoption of technology assets - and the business success of our clients - over the long term," Wight continued.

Matthew Groom, Managing Partner at TechNet UC, shared his thoughts about this partnership.

"It is clear that a successful digital transformation journey needs to include both the technical and human side. TechNet UC has differentiated itself by committing to become experts in technology design, implementation, and integration. By partnering with Intellezy, we are able to provide our customers a Microsoft Partner that has expertise in the human side of the transformation as well. 

"Intellezy's change management program enables users to adopt and embrace these new capabilities, resulting in achieving the desired business outcomes and continued return on investment," Groom continued.  "Our new partnership enables a complete solution as Intellezy focuses on ensuring employees understand and adopt the new technology, and looks at the change management platform of the entire organization." 

Intellezy is the results-driven accountability partner for organizations who aim to ensure technology investments have the best chance for adoption and success. Intellezy's team of skilled experts provide forward-thinking organizational change management consulting services. To support the change process, Intellezy's learning & development team drives toward lasting and successful adoption. For more information, visit Follow on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube

TechNet UC is a chosen service provider for many organizations and helps companies manage IT Support needs by providing solution design, migration and cloud optimization services. The company works with organizations of varying sizes to support end users and ensure the best technology experience. Visit and follow on LinkedIn.

Pamela Dumont
VP of Sales and Marketing


Source: Intellezy