Intellezy Presenter and Thought Leader Sponsor at CHG MGMT Global Connect 2021

ACMP CHG MGMT Global Connect 2021

Intellezy, a consulting firm with a focus on organizational change management consulting, L&D (learning and development) services, and staff augmentation, will present at the upcoming Association of Change Management Professionals (ACMP) virtual conference, CHG MGMT Global Connect, and is recognized as a Thought Level Sponsor.

On June 9 at 1:30 p.m., Intellezy's Pamela Conway, Chief Learning Officer, and Davis Smith, VP of Organizational Readiness, will speak on Digital Transformation: Engaging Everyone's Potential.

The pair of experts will dive into the true meaning behind the concept of digital transformation. As Conway explains, "Transformation at its core is about embracing possibilities and creating a culture open to change. It's much more than the implementation of technology and is certainly not just the installation of a new technology within an organization."

Smith expanded with her thoughts on what it takes to embrace change: "Lasting, impactful change starts with strong leadership, and includes active plans to mitigate disruption. The change must also include a commitment to engage an entire team's potential."

Intellezy's team invites conference attendees to attend the chat session with Conway and Davis, and to also set up pre-conference appointments with the Intellezy team to learn more about change management and digital transformation.

Intellezy is recognized as an industry leader in the change management space and was previously named one of the first authorized Microsoft Partners. This designation recognizes Intellezy's best-in-class capabilities paired with a high level of technical Microsoft excellence.

Intellezy is the results-driven accountability partner for organizations that aim to ensure technology investments have the best chance for adoption and success. The company's team of skilled experts provides forward-thinking organizational change management consulting services. To support the change process, Intellezy's learning & development (L&D) team, with its wide range of award-winning products and customized services, drives toward lasting and successful adoption. For more information, visit or call (781) 224-1113. Follow Intellezy on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

Pamela Dumont
VP of Sales & Marketing

Source: Intellezy