Intellezy Awarded Best Content Honors


Intellezy, a consulting firm with a focus on both organizational change management consulting and L&D (learning and development) services, has won two prestigious awards from TCWG (The Craig Weiss Group). 

Intellezy was honored to receive the following Best Third-Party Content Awards:

  • First Place for Best Technology Content
  • Second Place for Overall Content 

Judges looked at a wide range of areas when determining winners, including video, animation, audio quality, as well as ADA508 (or similar) support. In addition, heavy weight was given to the content’s usefulness, interactivity, engagement, and how the content will work in real-world scenarios.

Andrew Wight, the president and CEO of Intellezy, commented on this recognition. “Our entire team has worked tirelessly to create, develop and refine our innovative products, and these awards from the Craig Weiss Group bring to light our excellence of our technology-focused content. We are committed to continuously raise the bar for all content we develop and ensure it remains world-class and up to the highest of standards to meet the needs of our clients.

“We are also honored to receive these awards as the L&D capabilities and offerings of our business are essential drivers for extensive organizational change capabilities of Intellezy. We are dedicated to continuing to merge our L&D capabilities with the growing change management side of the business to help companies across a wide range of industries drive toward lasting and successful adoption.”

Intellezy is the results-driven accountability partner for organizations that aim to ensure technology investments have the best chance for adoption and success. The company’s team of skilled experts provide forward-thinking organizational change management consulting services. To support the change process, Intellezy’s learning & development (L&D) team, with its wide range of award-winning products and customized services, drives toward lasting and successful adoption.

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Pamela Dumont
Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships


Source: Intellezy, LLC